Klean Kanteen co-owner Jeff Creswell joined the 5 Gyres North Atlantic Gyre Expedition, on a 7-day sail from Bermuda to Rhode Island, helping collect data and info about plastic pollution in the ocean.

Ending Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

Klean Kanteen is proud to support the important work of 5 Gyres Institute. To understand the impact of plastic pollution, 5 Gyres studies the five subtropical gyres by sailing through them. Unlike other ocean conservation organizations, 5 Gyres doesn't just take scientists out into the ocean, they take artists, writers, musicians, journalists, students, teachers - anyone who will serve as a 5 Gyres Ambassador for change. The goal is to give stakeholders from all walks of life an authentic vantage from gyre central.

To communicate about the global impact of plastic pollution, 5 Gyres shares findings through multimedia outlets and peer-reviewed publications. They strive to help stop the flow of plastic to the sea. 5 Gyres campaigns help educate the public, politicians, companies, and other organizations to help reduce pollution. Post-consumer cleanup efforts also focus on coastal and island debris removal and mitigation. Klean Kanteen proudly continues to work with amazing non-profits like 5 Gyres and others to help protect ocean health for generations to come.

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