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Studio Photography Downloads

The product images listed below are available for download in JPEG format. The downloads have been optimized for the sRGB color space. ZIP files include images sized for both web (low-resolution, 72 dpi) and print (high-resolution, 300dpi). If you require CMYK images, please contact design@kleankanteen.com.

Photography Usage

Do not alter backgrounds, logo, or any other material part of the photographs. Media is only permitted to use the below listed Klean Kanteen studio photography. All other photography and imagery found on www.kleankanteen.com may not be copied, reproduced, or distributed electronically or in print without the expressed consent of Klean Kanteen due to photographer and/or model contracts/agreements.

Klean Kanteen Lifestyle Images

(includes select, approved lifestyle images of various Klean Kanteen products. High-resolution sRGB jpg format)
Family Group Images
Klean Kanteen Product Family

Klean Kanteen® GROUP IMAGES
(includes entire product family, plus smaller group images of Classic, Wide, Insulated, Cups & Tumblers, Food Canisters, Kid Kanteen, etc.)
Kid Kanteen®
5oz/9oz Baby BottlesKid Kanteen® Baby Bottles
5oz, 9oz, nipple 2-packs
12oz Sippy12oz Kid Kanteen® Sippy 12oz Kid Kanteen 12oz Kid Kanteen® Sport
Kanteen® Classic Reflect Kanteen® Kanteen® Graphics Collection
ClassicKanteen® Classic
18oz, 27oz, 40oz
Reflect KanteenReflect Kanteen®
18oz and 27oz
Brushed and Mirrored
ClassicGraphics Collection
Preserve, Grow, Move
Kanteen® Wide Kanteen® Insulated  
WideKanteen® Wide
27oz, 40oz, 64oz
InsulatedKanteen® Insulated
12oz, 16oz, 20oz
Food Canisters Cups and Tumblers  
Food Canisters Kanteen® Food Canisters
8oz and 16oz
Single-wall and Insulated
Pint Cup and Insulated Tumbler 16oz Pint Cup
Single, 4-pack, Pint Rings
16oz Insulated Tumbler
Classic CapsKanteen® Classic Caps
Loop (black)
Sport Cap 3.0 (black)
All Stainless Loop
Stainless Unibody Bamboo
Kid Kanteen CapsKid Kanteen® Caps
Loop (green)
Sport Cap 3.0 (green)
Baby Bottle nipples
Wide CapsKanteen® Wide Caps
Stainless Wide Loop
Stainless Wide Flip-D Ring
Cafe Cap
KBINERKanteen® S-Biners KPNTRSilicon Pint Rings KCAGEKanteen® Bike Cages
Pint CoziePint Cozie Pint LidPint Lid  

Klean Kanteen® Logos
Download ZIP file with Klean Kanteen logos in various formats (EPS, PNG) and sizes. Stack and horizontal versions of Klean Kanteen® and Kid Kanteen® logos in color, black, and reversed (white). Klean Kanteen Logo Klean Kanteen Logo
Download Logos (2.7 MB ZIP)
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