ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe
  • ChicoBag™ Bottle Sling rePETe™

    Fits 27oz and 40oz Klean Kanteens®. Made by ChicoBag™ from 100% recycled PET plastic.

  • NOTE: ChicoBag™ Slings are self-enclosed in pocket-size bag with a handy carabiner.

    Slings by ChicoBag
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  • Slings by ChicoBag
  • Slings by ChicoBag
  • Slings by ChicoBag
  • Slings by ChicoBag
  • Slings by ChicoBag

Slings by ChicoBag™

When you want your Klean Kanteen® accessible but you don't want to carry a backpack or a bag, the stylish, eco-friendly Kanteen® Sling from ChicoBag™ is a handy, low-profile solution. Part of ChicoBag's trademarked rePETe™ line of products, the Kanteen Sling is made of 100% recycled PET plastic, the same plastic used in plastic drinking bottles.

It fits both the 27oz and 40oz Kanteens, and has a large pocket on the side for a wallet, iPod or a snack. On one side of the shoulder strap is a small pocket that's the right size for lip balm. On the other side is our favorite feature, a long, skinny pocket that's designed for chopsticks, so you can skip the plastic utensils when you're eating on the go!


  • Fabric:
    100% Recycled PET
  • Strap Liner:
    100% Recycled Polypropylene
  • Carabiner:
    97% Recycled Aluminum


  • Bag: 4.5" x 10"
  • Pouch: 4.5" x 5"
  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry

What is rePETe™?
rePETe™ is a trademarked term used to identify which ChicoBag™ products are manufactured using recycled materials. rePETe™ refers to recycled PET. (polyethylene terephthalate), which is the dominant material used in plastic drink bottles.

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