Food Storage Container Set - White
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Insulated Food Storage Container Set
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Insulated TKCanister Complete Set

$ 94.95 $ 104.85
Cocktail Kit Set with Cups and Tumblers
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Cocktail Kit

$ 94.95 $ 122.80
Plastic Free Kit with Bottles, Cups, Lunch Box and Straws
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Plastic Free Kit

$ 129.95 $ 177.70
Insulated Set of Bottle, Mug and Tumbler
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Hot and Cold Kit

$ 73.95 $ 97.85
Kit of Cups, Tumblers and Bottles - Black
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Shale Black Kit

$ 104.95 $ 132.80
Coffee and Tea Bottle and Mug Set
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Coffee and Tea Kit

$ 76.95 $ 100.80

Sets of Insulated Bottles, Cups, Tumblers and Food Solutions

We've taken some of our most popular products and bundled them for easy purchase. We think they go pretty well together, just like peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies! Save up to 30% on discounted sets of insulated water bottles, coffee cups and mugs, kids bottles, steel straws and special gift packs. Also includes lunch boxes and insulated food container sets. From cocktails and wine to coffee and hydration, snacks and meals to lunch and leftovers, our packaged sets are made to fit your lifestyle, activity or family.

Klean is Family and Employee-Owned

Our Mission in Action

As a family and employee-owned company, we don't have to answer to stakeholders. We're free to operate based on our values every single day. We've built our business by prioritizing the well being of people and the planet and by designing sustainable, high-performance products.

We’ve bundled up our favorites! Say so long to single-use plastic. Our bundles are full of safe, durable, stainless steel alternatives to everyday items—from coffee mugs to cocktail tumblers, sports bottles, straws and more. Our themed bundles make great gifts for all occasions, or just starter kits for you and your family!

Climate Neutral

We are 100% Carbon Neutral in the manufacture and delivery of our products worldwide.

1% For The Planet

We give 1% of every sale to help make the world a more sustainable place, donating over $3.4 million to date!

B Corp

We're part of the B Corp movement to meet high standards of social and environmental transparency.