Our Buy One, Give One has ended.

For every $30 spent by our customers, we donated one 16oz TKPro bottle to COVID-19 relief. We are proud to be sending over 2000 bottles! Donating our bottles, with your help, is a small way we can give back to those in need. Thanks to all of our customers and supporters during these difficult times.

Who are we donating to?
We've partnered with Grassroots Aid Partnership, who are delivering fortifying aid to those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Their volunteers are on the front lines, helping unemployed workers, children who rely on school nutrition, and others impacted in outbreak areas, feeding and supporting devastated communities nationwide.

Grassroots Aid Partnership

Family and Employee Owned

Your purchase from our family and employee-owned business allows us to donate directly to organizations working to make the world a better place.

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