Punchline - Climate Action Through The Lens of Stand-up Comedy, Diversity, & Fly Fishing.

A film by: Dan Holz , Kaare Iverson & Alex Palumbo

Eeland Stribling is many things: fly fisherman, wildlife biologist, Colorado native - but most notably, he is an avid stand-up comedian. Born and raised in Colorado, Eeland is doing his part by exposing the outdoors world to those who have historically not grown up with it. As a man of color himself, he is redefining what it means to be an outdoorsman in America - but more importantly, an advocate for preserving the natural wonders of this country.

Enter Punchline, a documentary film about Eeland’s journey. Most climate focused documentaries are doom and gloom: heavy on the negative aspects, and light on the...well, lighthearted aspects! Rather than showing we are doomed to fail, Punchline follows Eeland through the bumpy process of developing a comedy set focused on climate change. Between sets we get one-on-one time with @blacksteveirwin, learning how just by sharing in positive outdoor experiences, individuals can leave hopeful and be motivated to act as advocates, stewards, and voters.

Punchline is climate action done differently: a unique mix of comedy, stewardship, and environmentalism - hooking the next generation of voters and outdoor enthusiasts.


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