Snowboarding, Style and Sustainability: Community Cup, the Documentary

This year, a dynamic event broke ground in the world of professional snowboarding. Community Cup became the first snowboarding competition to alter its entire infrastructure to cater more mindfully to its riders -- and to care for the planet every step of the way. The documentary film about the event allows us to listen to 16 Olympians about the art of snowboarding and competing, while giving us a unique perspective on why snowboarding events (both big and small) are due for some serious change. 

“The reason why I chose to participate and co-create this event is because I think it’s important for women’s snowboarding to have a competition where the course is specially designed for them, and the intention is all on the women. I believe we will see the most progression and style out of that,” says Co-Founder and  four time Norwegian Olympian Kjersti Buaas. “If you want a good contest and you want the riders to do well, the riders are gonna do well if they are riding a course that they like and have input on. The competition format was a true representation of how you were snowboarding that day. That’s laid the foundation for a good competition,” states 2014 Community Cup Winner, Christy Prior. “To see that you can work with weather and have an actual say -- that was the best. I just love snowboarding, I don’t care what I do with snowboarding; I am a freestyle snowboarder, you can put any obstacle in front of me and I will try to make the best out of it,” former World Champion and two time Dutch Olympian, Cheryl Maas. “It was such a rider friendly event. No stress and so much progression,” USA Olympian Ty Walker.

“This is not just about snowboarding. This is about Community. This is about caring about the world and where we are evolving. Not doing one thing while polluting another. We don’t want to just take, we want to give in that process,” says Community Cup Founder and professional snowboarder Chanelle Sladics.

Take a look at the Community Cup trailer above. The film is now available for purchase on iTunes for $5.99, and would make the perfect gift for the snowboarder in your life. Check it out!