Klean Voices: Unforgettable Summer Vacation

Colorado is a special place for a lot of reasons. Not only it is it a beautifully mountainous state with a relentlessly sunny climate, attracting an endless stream of outdoor enthusiasts, it is a state that is rich in history, diversity and culture. A hundred years ago, Colorado was the land of ranching and mining; it was a conservative state that imbued those values of the Wild West. In recent years, the demographics of Colorado have shifted. The population, one of the fastest growing in the U.S., has become younger, more liberal and more active. Many young people are attracted to Colorado because of the gorgeous weather, active lifestyle offerings, fewer crowds and unique work and life opportunities. 

Living in Telluride, Colorado is a constant reminder of how lucky we are to spend our lives in one of the most naturally breathtaking and friendly mountain towns in the state. Telluride is also the home of our company, RE:treat, which offers yoga-inspired adventure retreats in beautiful mountain locations around the world. Of course, we could have chosen anywhere on the planet as the home base of our company, but we chose beautiful, mountainous Colorado. This got us thinking about the many reasons we love it here so, so much – and we decided to compile a list of six things we love most about Colorado. If you're looking for a spot to take a summer trip, here are five reasons you may want to consider coming straight to Colorado:

1. Blue skies and sunshine people. Colorado boasts around 300 days of sunshine per year. Our climate is conducive to outdoor adventure, and the chances are that if you visit Colorado, it's going to be sunny. 

2. We are the leanest state in the U.S. Colorado has been the leanest state in the U.S. for a few years now. Maybe it's the altitude, or maybe it's the attitude? Coloradans have a great outlook on life, and I'm sure this plays into lifestyle choices. Skiing, hiking, biking and climbing are activities that many people live here for, and you have endless choices of where to do any one of these activities.

3. Colorado is one of the happiest states in the country.  A study by WalletHub found Colorado to be the fourth happiest state in the country. Colorado ranked second for emotional and physical wellbeing. Could it be the Rocky Mountain High?

4. Mountains, mountains and more mountains! Colorado has the most land over 10,000 feet of elevation than any other state in the U.S. Mountains are plentiful in Colorado, and they are the reason why many people choose to live here. The San Juan Mountains, where Telluride is located, are the highest concentration of 13,000 and 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado, meaning endless trails of skiing, hiking and biking.  

5. World class amenities. Colorado is home to some of the world's most prominent international ski resorts, including Aspen, Vail, Steamboat and Telluride. As a result, we have an endless treasure trove of high-end hotels, restaurants and outdoor recreation options. Join RE:treat in beautiful Telluride, Colorado on one of our 2015 yoga retreat experiences, and we'll also treat you to luxury accommodations, fabulous, organic food and wonderful company.

Klean Voice Contributor Babsi Glanznig is an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga instructor at RE:treat, an organization based in Telluride, Colorado, that offers yoga inspired adventure retreats in beautiful mountain locations around the world.