Dispatch from Matt Foley: Chasing Waves Down South

September 2021 | Words and Photos by Matt Foley | CREW: : Alex Howard, Ryan Stojanovich, Austin Pridham, Matt Foley

Contributing photographer Matt Foley has been spending the summer basically surfing his brains out and documenting the fun. His latest dispatch and image set speak for themselves. Enjoy!

After a long run of fun waves in Southern California this summer, there was finally a lapse of swell in the forecast. Not wanting to break our streak of scoring fun waves, our minds began to wander south of the border, where there might be more potential. We had a friend hopping around Central America at the time and after a quick facetime with him and the promise of scoring hollow waves, we were convinced to buy tickets to Nicaragua for a quick strike mission.

After packing up board bags and dealing with the complexities of international travel with COVID, we were on our way. A few flights, long layovers, and one border crossing by foot in the middle of the night, we had made it to our little bungalow, a mere 30 second walk from the beach. With the magic of offshore winds blowing all day every day, what followed was essentially a surf marathon. The week consisted of surfing 6-8 hours a day at some of the best beach-break one can ask for. Between sessions we spent our time exploring the coast via motorcycle looking for new spots to surf, and taking in the beautiful countryside and culture of Nicaragua.

Between the warm waters, non-stop waves, and perfect weather we could not have asked for a better week. And as luck would have it, there was the best south swell of the summer waiting for us back in California when we returned!



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