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Packing It Out

Our friends @PackingItOut are cycling across the country helping people clean up the natural areas in their communities and spreading their knowledge through presentations at all the @REI stores on their route.

"Over the last two years we’ve dedicated ourselves to cleaning up America’s trails and scenic spaces. Plastic bottles are one of the most common things we find along our trails and waterways. After picking up thousands and thousands of plastic bottles during our journeys, we’ve opted to quit contributing to the plastic problem by using durable, safe and reusable Klean Kanteens."

"As we continue our 5,000 mile bike tour across the country, our Klean Kanteen bottles are never out of arms reach. We are constantly reminded of how much waste we are reducing by bringing our own bottle to the table. Whether we are filling up with water, mixing a sports drink, or topping off our bottles with some homemade sweet tea, we will continue to bring our own.”

Seth Orme, Packing It Out

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Packing It OutPacking It Out

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