Breast Cancer Fund

Focusing on Cancer Prevention

The Breast Cancer Fund works to prevent breast cancer by elimination our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to disease.

Pink is often the color associated with the fight against breast cancer and finding a cure. But for our partner, the Breast Cancer Fund, the color is purple and the focus is prevention. No more than one in ten women with breast cancer has a genetic history of the disease, and growing scientific evidence points to toxic chemicals and radiation that we’re exposed to in our everyday lives as contributing factors for the high rates of breast cancer. For this reason, the Breast Cancer Fund works to identify and eliminate the environmental causes of the disease.

Klean Kanteen recognizes that focusing on prevention, by working to protect our bodies and environment, is critically important. The work of the Breast Cancer Fund has been a guidepost and an inspiration to us since the very beginning. Klean Kanteen was invented in part because we were alarmed by early reports linking Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in plastic bottles and the lining of aluminum cans, to cancer and other diseases. We created the very first Klean Kanteen to give people a safe, BPA-free alternative. We've been focused on prevention since day one.

Many of us at Klean Kanteen have been touched by the challenge and tragedy of cancer. Supporting the Breast Cancer Fund is one of many efforts we make to work toward a healthy, sustainable future for people and the planet. Check out this great video celebrating 20 Years of Breast Cancer Prevention by BCF.

You have the power to protect yourself, your friends, your family and your community. Check our our campaign for tips, ways to act and more information. 

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