Sustainable Celebrations

At Klean Kanteen we are committed to partnering with festivals and events that are mindful of the sustainability of their events and are interested in reducing the impact of single use waste on the event spaces and experience. We focus all of our donation and sponsorship efforts around supporting the elimination of single-use items at events, awareness of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans, land conservation, getting youth and families outside and providing safe consumer products that minimize our toxic exposure. As much as we would like to be a part of all the great organizations and events, we are not able to say yes to every request we receive. If you feel your event is aligned with our mission and message, please fill out the request form for donation.

ATTENTION: Due to Covid-19 we have paused all event participation and are no longer reviewing opportunities for 2020. While we are uncertain of what 2021 holds with regard to event participation please feel free to submit 2021 opportunities for review. If you are still interested in purchasing Klean Kanteen products for your upcoming event please visit our Co-Brand section for more details around product options and pricing.

Deadline for Applications

We require a minimum of 90 days lead time for ALL sponsorship requests. Ideally we will have started discussions with at least 6-9 months to collaborate before the event date.All requests are reviewed within 2 weeks of your submission and we will contact you if we are interested in learning more about your event and possible sponsorship.

Step 1: Select Your Region

We work with events and festivals all over the country, so we first need to know where you are located. Please submit the proper online form for our Western or Eastern Regions.

Western and Easter Regions