Not All Bottles Are Created Equal

Dive into the features that make our products unique, durable, & healthy.

Rounded Corners

Containers designed with sharp angles are hard to clean and give bacteria a place to hide, which is why every Klean Kanteen is designed with rounded interior corners. A stream of water or a bottle brush can do their job with ease and a Kanteen is ready for it's next adventure.

BPA-Free and Stainless Cap Options

We offer a wide selection of caps so one can tailor a Klean Kanteen to their lifestyle. We use BPA-free polypropylene #5 (pp#5) for caps that need to be molded because, unlike many "proprietary" plastics, we know what it's made of. We also offer durable and beautiful stainless steel caps which are constructed with zero plastic, making it possible to create a 100% stainless environment inside your bottle.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

Klean Kanteens are designed to replace a LIFETIME of single-use items with something that also plain works better. They are a tool that anyone can use to immediately stop contributing their share of throw-away items that fill our oceans, landfills and lives. Should something terrible happen to a Kanteen, the good news is that stainless steel can actually be UP-cyled, meaning it can be made into something equal or better (though officially we are unsure what could be better).

18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel

There's a reason why Klean Kanteens deliver great tasting drinks and are so easy to keep clean. Klean Kanteens are constructed of the best 18/8 food-grade stainless steel we can source, and are given a beautifully electropolished interior that does not have a liner or retain flavors.

Vacuum Insulation

Our uncompromising construction quality, combined with vacuum insulation, has given birth to a Kanteen with uncommon thermal performance. We love the idea that a safe, reusable product should do it's job better than the throw-away item it replaces. Our Vacuum Insulated bottles deliver on this concept—6 hours with hot beverages and 24 with iced—you can't do that with a paper or plastic cup.

100% Stainless Threads

We have always gone the extra mile to design and produce all Klean Kanteens with stainless steel threads. The inexpensive way to add threads to a bottle, even a metal one, is to mold them out of plastic and press them onto the bottle. We cannot allow the little crevices this creates, or make Kanteens which are difficult to recycle.

Large Mouth Openings

The right size opening is something we give a lot of thought to. Whether one is trying to put ice cubes in, or cleaning something else out, the right-sized opening is always something one can expect from a Klean Kanteen.

Sustainable Packaging

We're very proud of the work we've done to lower the impact of our FSC-certified packaging. Look around at the shelves in your favorite outdoor store; it's a sea of plastic that is typically headed straight for the landfill. We have heartburn over blister packaging which is why you'll never see it on a Klean Kanteen.

Easy Care and Use

Rounded corners, electropolished interior, and durable construction work together to make products that don't retain flavors between uses. Our products could not be called "long life-cycle" if they could not be easily cleaned. If you've ever chucked an otherwise intact plastic bottle when it started to smell bad, you know what we're talking about.