Checking In With Our Inspiring Global Partners

May 2020 | Words and photos by Klean 

We never thought we’d have to get so good at spending time indoors! Like any family, the team at Klean has a wide range of interests, tastes and hobbies. The Klean family extends from our Chico, CA headquarters to our operations overseas and our friends around the world.

We're lucky to have inspiring partners from across the globe. We checked in with them during these crazy times, to see how are they taking care of themselves and their families, trying to stay active and healthy. We hope they bring you inspiration, and new ways to pass the time.

How are you staying active and positive during these crazy times?

Ross Hyland, South Africa

Ross Hyland, South Africa

As an avid mountain man this lockdown has really hit me hard. I have tried my best to turn the house into a mountain with a trail running circuit and a climbing wall being the main forms of outdoor relief. Hopefully I can improve my technique and grip strength during this time! I’ve also decided to make the most of the extra time available and look after my body by starting yoga. Not only is it a great workout but it allows me to mentally “clock off” and return refreshed and positive. Lastly I haven’t picked up a book in years so I set myself the target of finishing one during the lockdown. So far so good and I reckon I can get through two if I push myself!

Philippe DeClercq

Phillipe DeClercq, Benelux

We have two small kids at home and it’s a challenge to keep them engaged and happy, especially since we try to avoid television screen time. But it works! For example, we stay busy by play-backing and making music, which gives a lot of crazy moments; constructing Legos, which also has endless possibilities; and building a city on paper and then rallying with Matchbox cars! It’s so much fun. Getting creative is what it’s all about. Luckily for us in the Antwerp area, we have the ability to do local bike rides and run. Spring is here so this makes it a lot easier. Staying together and really making time for each other has never been so meaningful.

Henry Hoogenveen

Henry Hoogenveen, Italy

I like to bike on the balcony because we are not allowed to do any activity on the street. And I have been reading a lot about permaculture as I am very interested in that. We do yoga, take care of the bees, listen to music, read books, and contact family and friends more often to see how they are. We found it is very difficult to find good fitting face masks. We do not want to buy masks intended for hospitals as there is a shortage. So we decided to make our own! We first investigated what it means to be a good mask, as well as what materials are needed; we then started cutting and sewing a few. The idea is that the mask has a good fit, is washable and has a Hepa-filter fabric on the inside which is removable. We only go outside once a week to do our shopping. So for this the masks are perfect.

Nelson Coomans

Nelson Coomans, Benelux

I feel this time is a unique opportunity to find out what you truly enjoy. Starting the day by reading a book, doing yoga or just enjoying the rising sun are experiences I didn’t make time for in busy times before COVID-19. As an avid endurance athlete these are perfect times to work on movement exercises I didn’t bother to do before. Sure, it’s not all new opportunities and more time for yourself, sometimes it straight up sucks. Biking/running (if allowed!) or getting together online with friends for a quiz and a game of Pictionary are my remedies to stay sane in these strange times. Also, listen to The Beatles!

Won Choi

Won Choi, South Korea

Everyone in my house works out together! My wife and children, including myself, are all active - even my dog! We do at-home training to help give off our energy. Normally, we would have worked out individually, but now we can workout as a family! I'm happy to be able to spend more time with my family than before.

Gary Woodhouse

Gary Woodhouse, U.K.

My wife Sarah and I have decided to do what a great many Brits are doing during the current crisis and volunteer; in our case, we volunteer with our local church to collect and deliver ‘on date’ food from a couple of local supermarkets. The food gets taken back to the church building and is then shared out/delivered to a homeless hostel, as well as people who may have lost their jobs or are just struggling. We also have a WhatsApp group going on our street and we take spare food back to our neighbours to share out. The community spirit is fantastic and we feel blessed that despite everything that’s going on, people are really looking out for each other.

Adam Denison

Adam Denison, Australia

I have been setting up the tent in the backyard most weekends so my son and I can go camping, as I promised him we would go over the school holidays, but we have been restricted from going out to camping sites due to COVID-19.

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