International Women's Day

Michelle Kalberer

Our owner and Co-CEO Michelle Kalberer shares a few words on this International Women’s Day:

Today on International Women’s Day, and every day we celebrate the women at Klean Kanteen! In recent years there has been a call to action for more women and greater diversity in the workforce and leadership roles within the business structure. Studies show that companies with greater gender diversity are more profitable than those without. Women bring a different set of skills and imaginative perspectives which can drive effective solutions for the business.

Klean Kanteen Women's Collective Group

Our Women’s Collective Group is just one example of how we harness their power of courage and passion to create transformational idea’s that influence the success of the business. These women build a collaborative, cooperative, family-feel culture at Klean Kanteen that promotes teamwork to accomplish our company objectives. Not only do we celebrate these women because they make our business better; we celebrate them because they have that “Get Shit Done” mentality - I know this because I am one of them, I too am a woman on a mission!