Mr. Kookbox: Nole Cossart Builds 1930's Surfboards

Santa Barbara, CA
June 2020 | Words by Klean | Film and Photos by Ben Weiland 

Ocean conservation is near and dear to our hearts at Klean Kanteen. We believe a great way to inspire people to get involved with ocean stewardship is through supporting and sharing stories of human (and wave!) powered adventure happening in and around our ocean. When filmmaker Ben Weiland approached us about helping support his new film Mr. Kookbox we were excited to get involved.

I think it was the 1930s version of the Wavestorm", Nole Cossart says with a laugh.

The film centers around Santa Barbara Surfer Nole Cossart and his journey into hand building 1930s style hollow, wooden surfboards dubbed Kookboxes. Cossart speculates that the name Kookbox comes from 1930s novice surfers showing up at the beach with boards they had cobbled together and making a go of it in the surf.

Watching Coassart build, and then paddle his unlikely surfcraft into thumping Baja tubes is impressive to say the least. Weiland's beautiful cinematography tells a truly enjoyable story about a love of surfing, craftsmanship and creativity passed on from father to son. Enjoy the film and be sure to check out the full feature in Surfer's Journal!

Nole Cossart builds 1930s wooden surfboards, with Klean by his side
Filmmaker Ben Weiland and his new film, Mr. Kookbox.
Nole Cossart building wood surfboards



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