Reimagining To-Go in Thailand

February 2021 | Words, Photos and Video by Klean

Food is a global language that brings people together and inspires connection. At Klean we are fortunate enough to have partners all over the world who join us in our mission to help eliminate single-use waste. Catch up with our friends in Thailand for a fun look at how families are reimagining to-go.

Klean Food Solutions are inspired by stories of people who reimagine to-go and the role clean, healthy food plays in their lives.

Kitchen in Thailand
To-Go Container
Klean Coffee Mug
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No matter where you go in the world, Klean Food Solutions, reusable bottles and mugs are ready to join you. Transport your food from take out to take home. Our steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, and to-go containers are great for meals, soup or any hot or cold food. Grab an insulated bottle, tumbler or mug for on-the-go smoothies and coffee. Where will you go next? With reusables in hand.