10oz Wine Tumbler - Autumn Glaze

10 oz Rise Wine Tumbler

$ 24.95
10oz Lowball Tumbler - Tofu

10 oz Rise Lowball Tumbler

$ 24.95
Klean T-Shirt - Mountain Scape Graphic

Backyard T-Shirt

$ 22.95
Klean Men's Pocket T-Shirt - Protect the Seas

Protect the Sea T-Shirt

$ 22.95
Klean T-Shirt - Adventure Vehicle

Adventure Vehicle T-Shirt

$ 22.95
Klean T-Shirt - The Original - National Parks

Public Lands T-Shirt

$ 22.95
9 oz Steel BPA Free Baby Bottle

9 oz Baby Bottle

$ 21.95
Black and Gold Wine Tumbler
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Black and Gold Lowball Tumbler
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Insulated 12 oz Kids' Water Bottle - Navy Hearts
Top SellerIm Angebot
Wide Mouth Water Bottle 40oz - Orange
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40 oz Wide Water Bottle with Loop Cap - SALE

$ 20.26 $ 28.95
5 oz Steel BPA Free Baby Bottle

5 oz Baby Bottle

$ 19.95
10 oz Kid's Cup with Straw Lid
Top Seller

10 oz Kid's Cup with Straw Lid

$ 17.95
Recycled Steel Straws - 6 Pack

Straw 6-Pack

$ 14.95
Wide Mouth Water Bottle 27oz - Orange
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27 oz Wide Water Bottle with Loop Cap - SALE

$ 13.96 $ 19.95
10 oz Steel Food Box - Snack Size

10 oz Rise Food Box - Snack

$ 12.95
12 oz Kids' Sport Water Bottle - Hearts
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12 oz Kids' Sippy Water Bottle - Sparkling Grape color
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12 oz Classic Kid's Sippy Bottle - SALE

$ 12.56 $ 17.95
Buying a durable, long-lasting product doesn't have to break the bank. These quality reusable solutions are still all under $25. Steel bottles, pint cups and mugs, straws, kids' bottles, insulated tumbler cups and more. Give a Klean thoughtful gift that is worth the money.
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