Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Camping Accessories That Will Make Your Next Outing A Hit

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Camping Accessories That Will Make Your Next Outing A Hit

camping gear with sleeping bags, bottles, bikes, and other accessories

A love of our beautiful natural world is what drives us toward our mission of eliminating single-use products and creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly future. It’s no surprise that the same love of nature is what draws many to include Klean Kanteen mugs and bottles in their outdoor adventures. Whether it’s beach camping, car camping, or choosing the backpacking gear that will help you leave the smallest ecological footprint, our products are designed to help you enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Reusable bottles and sustainable food canisters are only a few of the many items that can help ease the environmental impact of your next outdoor experience. What other products can you take with you to make your next camping trip a hit, while also being eco-friendly?

The New Klean Kanteen Camp Mug

new klean kanteen camp mug with white etching of mountain scape
stainless steel camp mug in silver

Forget harmful red plastic cups for your cold drinks or styrofoam cups for your coffee when you’re camping. The newest addition to the Klean Kanteen line, the Camp Mug helps bring the same cozy, “at-home” feeling to the campsite. It keeps your beverages hot or cold, is the perfect shape to fit in your hand, and the spill-proof lid will help keep bugs out and liquids in. BPA-free, dishwasher safe and featuring our Klean Coat™ finish (on all options except stainless steel), the Camp Mug is available in a variety of laser-etched designs and stunning colors. Made from certified 90 percent post-consumer recycled stainless steel, the Camp Mug holds 12 oz. and will keep hot drinks hot for up to 3.5 hours, and cold drinks cold for 9.5 hours. The Camp Mug will enhance your camping experience while helping you reduce waste at the same time.

Keen  hiking boots

Image Source: Keen Footwear

Keen sandals

If you need to strap on some new, eco-friendly footwear for your next excursion, we are proud to recommend KEEN shoes. Keen values this precious planet of ours just as much as we do. Every boot, sandal, or sneaker they sell helps them support programs that benefit the community and the environment. They have been collaborating with The Conservation Alliance since 2005, working hard to make a difference. They’ve donated more than 100,000 shoes, 200,000 masks, and $5M in cash and product to those in need. On top of that, their products are completely PFC/PFAS-free, with no non-biodegradable chemicals, and 90 percent of their leather is sourced from LWG gold-rated tanneries. And, like us, their focus is on quality: They make truly high-performance, durable hiking sneakers and boots, in addition to a wide variety of cold-weather footwear and stylish outdoor shoes for the more laid-back campers. And their great-looking, comfortable sandals are perfect for those beach trips. Whether it’s because of the combination of great looks and high performance or simply because you know you will be supporting a company with their hearts truly in the right place, KEEN shoes will be a decision we know you’ll be comfortable with.

tkwide bottle with straw lid shown  being drank by a man with a backpack

No matter if you’re headed to the beach or the woods, the key to an eco-friendly camping trip is versatility: If you want to pack the most functionality into the fewest number of items, it doesn’t get much more versatile than our Insulated TKWide water bottles, which feature a number of interchangeable caps to match any activity. From sipping on the beach with the twist cap to rock climbing with the chug cap, all Klean Kanteen insulated bottles have a streamlined profile optimized for easy grip, packing, carrying and drinking, and they fit in most cup holders–sure to please the car campers out there. The mouth opening fits ice cubes and fills and pours easily. Depending on the size of the bottle you choose, you can keep cold drinks cold for 33-145 hours, and hot drinks hot from 11-47 hours.

3 friends on top a mountain with gregory packs

Image Source: Gregory

“The wilderness of the world is a resource for everyone to have access to. It’s a powerful, inspirational place.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves than Gregory does, and they walk the walk, too. Another member of The Conservation Alliance, Gregory has always operated with its environmental footprint in mind–we can’t think of a backpack more fitting to toss a Klean Kanteen in than theirs! From overhauling their boxing and shipping processes to be 21 percent less wasteful in terms of packaging and fuel, to designing products that last a lifetime and recycling and repurposing components, they are doing the right things when it comes to watching their environmental impact. Even with all of these excellent eco-friendly commitments, the best thing about Gregory is that they make some seriously high-quality backpacks, no matter if you need a bag for a day hike or a hydration pack for longer treks. Gregory not only helps you find the right product, but also will help educate you about how to achieve the perfect fit to your body and your needs. Your camping kit definitely needs a solid backpack, and this is the first place we would start.

10 oz steel pint from kleen kanteen

A big part of the fun of going camping is hitting the beach, woods, or trail with a group. The more the merrier, of course, but it doesn’t have to also mean messier. A 4-pack of our steel pint cups in both 16 oz. and 10 oz. sizes will keep your whole group happy with hygienic, eco-friendly drinking vessels they can reuse forever. Cold beer by a hot fire in an ice-cold steel pint is awfully tough to beat, especially considering you can permanently write off wasteful, harmful plastic cups. Plus, each of our steel cups is compatible with various straws and tumbler lids, meaning you can mix and match your favorites while keeping the dirt and debris out of your beverages and make sipping easy. And whether you're using them at home, stored in your cabinets, or you’re loading up your pack or vehicle to head out to the campsite, you’ll definitely value the compact, space-saving stackability of these cups that makes it easy to tote along.

kleen kanteen tumbler with lid off, showing closure and steel straw
girl on a raft in a river holding a kleen kanteen tumbler

The ability to keep your drinks as hot–or as cold–as they were when you mixed them up is a sustainable luxury for any outdoorsperson, but once you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to go back to low-quality plastic containers (and this is a good thing!). Luckily, our insulated tumblers, which come in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes, last forever. In line with our company’s mission, all you need is one, and you’ll be able to maintain your drink’s temperature for hours, no matter what your beverage of choice is. For coffee, cold brew, tea, beer, bourbon, margaritas, or even the occasional ice cream sundae, the smaller size is perfect for lounging and enjoying your libation. Those who want double the drink, or who might want to bring along a filling smoothie or large helping of ice water, might go for the 16 oz. tumbler, which boasts 20-hour coldness and will also keep your hot drinks at temperature for 4+ hours. Forget environmentally disastrous plastic bottles or styrofoam coolers for day trips, forever–your tumbler’s drink will be as chilly as it was when you left the house.

girl with beenie in a big agnes sleeping pag on grassy hill

Image Source: Big Agnes

girl setting up a big agnes sleeping bag in a tent

Comfort and quality are at the core of Big Agnes’ sleeping bags, but still not at the cost of sustainability. Can’t say the same about many of the old-school camping gear companies out there. Big Agnes is a member of the Outdoor Industry Association's Climate Action Corps and has made product innovations to help reduce energy, wastwater and chemical use in their manufacturing processes, like tents with solution-dyed fabrics and a sleeping pad made with materials harvested in a carbon-negative process. All of their sleeping bags feature insulation ranging from 50 to 100-percent recycled materials. Plus, all three of their US facilities run 100-percent on renewable energy. With comfy, cocoon-like bags designed to work with insulating sleeping pads and their commitment to sustainability, Big Agnes is our natural recommendation for your overnight camping trip.

man and woman sharing a drink with the tkpro

Gorgeous aesthetics, plastic-free drinking, and outstanding performance: the TKPro has it all, and is one of our favorite products to bring along for beach camping, winter camping, car camping, and backpacking. With an integrated double-wall stainless steel cup and 360-degree pour-through functionality, the TKPro line features our TK Closure™ internal thread design, which provides cutting-edge thermal performance for both hot and cold beverages. Whether sipping hot coffee miles from the nearest road or pouring ice cold cocktails in the heart of the city, the TKPro is your built-to-last solution and is available in 16, 25, and 32 oz. bottles. Like most Klean Kanteen products, the TKPro offers two different insulation ranges, depending on whether you use a hot or cold beverage. You can expect your beverage to stay hot for 20 to 38 hours and to stay cold for 75 to 100 hours.

woman relaxing on an ENO hammock in the woods

Image Source: ENO

man in an ENO hammock with his dog by the lake

What feels better than having a snooze in a hammock after a long, rewarding hike? Knowing that your purchase of that hammock is contributing to planting even more trees to hang hammocks between. Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) contributes one percent of its annual sales to supporting non profit organizations that help the environment, and they partner with Trees for the Future to plant two trees for each hammock they sell. If your camping trip takes you out into the woods and you want to elevate and relax with a clear conscience, check out ENO’s TechNest Hammock–it’s their top-tier hammock and supports up to 350 pounds, made from 100-percent recycled nylon and treated with PFC-free water repellent. Plus, the whole 9.5-foot package, folded up, fits into a handy bag the size of a football, making it a perfect, easily transportable addition to your small-impact visit to nature.

Elevate your dining game on your next camping trip, and do it with zero waste. Not only will our 18/8 stainless steel canisters keep your food sanitary and fresh for hours, but with their stackable design, leak-proof lids, and various sizes, you can shift the entire notion of what campsite eating looks like. Soup, noodles, ice cream, leftovers–you name it, and our canisters will keep it fresh. Whether it’s refreshing fruit you want to keep cool for a trip to the beach or a bowl of homemade chili you wanted to bring on a day trip to the snow, our TKCanisters feature the trademarked TK Closure internal thread design for increased thermal performance and Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation. Available in 8, 16, and 32-oz. sizes and dishwasher-safe as well, our canisters are just one step closer to our goal of eliminating single-use containers for everything–including food. You’ll never have to scrub out stinky plastic tupperware again.

Icelantic skis standing in snow

Image Source: Icelantic

woman with Icelantic apparel talking to a man  leaning on a car

When you simply love the Great Outdoors, it becomes obvious every day why we should work to preserve them. The folks at Icelantic operate a climate-neutral outfit, fueled by a solar-powered headquarters exclusively based in Colorado. Their extensive collection of high-quality, great-looking skis ranges across their Freeride Collection (the Nomad 105 is their flagship model and best-selling ski), Backcountry Collection, All-Mountain Collection, and even Youth skis. And their men’s and women’s apparel is all custom-made, from attractive, insulating base layers to warm, fashionable beanies. If your camping trip is taking you to the slopes, you can feel confident that your purchases with Icelantic are going to be top-notch and about as environmentally friendly as it gets.

group photo of kleen kanteen lunch boxes showing all three, meal, lunch, and snack

Quality, convenience, and environment-friendliness are all combined in our complete set of Food Boxes, making them a must-have for any camper planning on bringing a ready-to-eat meal. They’re great for snacks and meals of all kinds. Light but incredibly sturdy, they are perfect to toss in a backpack on a hike, and with durable BPA-free stainless steel and a food-grade silicone lid, Klean Food Boxes are plastic-free and easy to clean. All three sizes come with leakproof, press-fit lids with flexible corners for easy venting. No matter where you’re headed, get the complete set and take to-go food anywhere. Nearly as light as plastic containers but far more durable, these reusable lunch boxes and bento boxes were designed for adventure–just as handy and reliable as backpacking gear as they are for winter camping. And, with three different sizes–7, 20, and 34 ounces–you can build a set completely customized to your meal needs. All three boxes stack together in a perfect rectangle, further making them a cinch to bundle up and take on the go.

There are many more great companies out there producing terrific, eco-friendly products that will help make your camping trip a blast that also leaves nature just as you found it. When shopping for quality sustainable products, we suggest starting your search by reviewing brands that are registered as B-Corporations and/or Certified Climate Neutral.

Packing your vehicle, bike, or even just your backpack with reusable, quality products made by companies who care about the environment is a surefire way to help give back to nature so we all can keep enjoying it for generations to come.