Little Cups - Big on Convenience, Safety and Sustainability.

At 10oz, our stainless steel Kid's Cup is easy for small hands to hold and fits in most stroller and car seat cup holders. Outfitted with a splash-proof Straw Lid, both the Kid's Cup and included reusable straw are made with certified 90% post-consumer recycled steel. We top the straw with a soft silicone flex-tip for palate safety. 

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Kids' Cup with Straw
Silicone Lid with Straw
Sippy Cup
Straw Lid on Cup

Two Lid Options for Splash-proof Sipping.

Kid Cups come with a splash-proof Straw Lid with matching reusable straw. For the toddler crowd, we also designed a compatible Sippy Lid that quickly turns the 10oz Kid's Cup into a sippy cup. Little ones can start off with the soft spout Sippy Lid and grow into the reusable Straw Lid.

Kid Sipping
Klean Kid's Cup with Straw and Sippy

Available in a Rainbow of Colors, the Stackable Kid Cups Stack up to a Whole Lot of Fun.

As a family-owned company, we know from raising our own children that Kid Cups are bound to take some tumbles. Luckily, their bright colors won’t chip or scratch thanks to our durable Klean Coat® finish. We worked with a third-party to develop Klean Coat, a powder coat finish that is both chip resistant and goes beyond typical standards for human and environmental safety in consumer products. 

Color Swatches

Impact Reduction Is Our Goal.

We make both the Kid Cup and the included straw with certified 90% post-consumer recycled steel. This is a giant step toward a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, by switching to recycled steel across our line, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emission from the steel we use by 50%. In addition to the environmental benefits, our durable, BPA-free stainless steel cups and straws will never break or shatter and are safer and more odor resistant than plastic products. 

Recycled Steel Kids' Cups

Sippy Cup with Straw Lid

Pull tab helps adults pop the lid off and on with ease

Girl with sippy cup and straw

Splash-proof lid construction

Hands holding sippy cup

Easy to hold for small hands

These Small Cups are Ready for Big Adventure!  

From preschool playdates to backyard adventures and everything in between, our Kid Cups make staying hydrated easier than ever.  

Kid jumping on couch
Little girls drinking from cups
Girl drinking from sippy cup
Girl and mom playing on playground

Our Kid Cups Make Staying Hydrated Easier Than Ever.  

Family and Employee Owned