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Supporting the Elimination of Single-Use Products

At Klean Kanteen we are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that are doing amazing work in their community and for our planet. We focus all of our donation and sponsorship efforts around supporting the elimination of single-use items at events, awareness of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans, land conservation, getting youth and families outside and providing safe consumer products that minimize our toxic exposure. As much as we would like to be a part of all the great organizations and events, we are not able to say yes to every request we receive.

If you feel your event or organization is aligned with our mission and message, please read the information below, and fill out the request form for donation.

Deadlines for Applications

We require a minimum of 60 days lead time for all donation requests.
All requests are reviewed within 10 business days of your submission and we will contact all approved donations.

Guidelines for Application

Eligibility: To be considered for partnerships, we ask that all nonprofits approaching us fall under at least 1 of our 4 categories of focus that align with Klean's mission and message. Here's a quick overview for your reference when considering who we might be able to support.

  1. Plastic Pollution. Single-use items of any kind. We work with groups that are actively addressing both land and water based pollution
  2. Land and Water Conservation. Based on our love of the outdoors and keeping our wild spaces protected and available to be experienced.
  3. Environmental Stewardship. We support organizations that are getting people outside to fall in love with nature with the idea that if they love it they will protect it. We are especially interested in working with youth, our next generation of consumers and conservationists.
  4. Safe Consumer Products. We work with amazing organizations out educating and putting the pressure on major industry offenders to be sure that what we put into our bodies is safe. We focus on plastics and the estrogen mimicking toxins released that are associated with many health issues. Addressing both direct ingestion (drinking from plastic bottles both single use and reusable or BPA lining in cans) as well as the contamination of animals that we in turn ingest.

Nonprofits Eligible for Consideration

  • Approved recipients of 1% for the Planet
  • 501(c)(3) nonprofits
  • School Programs - Green teams, clubs focusing on litterless lunch programs and bottle bans

NOT Eligible for Donations and/or Funding

  • Individuals
  • State and government agencies
  • Religious groups
  • Celebrity swag bags
  • School fundraisers, carnivals, drives not related to one of the 4 categories listed above
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