Cal Major in Scotland on World Oceans Day

June 2021 | Words and Photos by Cal Major

A timely update on World Oceans Day from Cal Major on the progress of her stand-up paddleboard adventure around the coast of Scotland, engaging with communities and helping supporting awareness for ocean conservancy and protection.


We desperately need more people experiencing and appreciating our ocean, and standing up for its protection. - Cal Major


I have made it partway up the West coast of Scotland and what an adventure it’s been so far! We’ve had incredible weather, and have managed amazing mileage as a result. I’ve felt so privileged to have experienced the water from such a unique perspective here, out to sea on my SUP, but also underwater as I’ve snorkelled in incredible biodiverse, protected areas. But not all of the ocean is given the same protection.

Cal warms up to paddle
Paddling out in early morning
Klean steel bottle and mug on her trip
Cal Major getting ready to paddle
Klean Kanteen Mug

A common theme has been recurring over these first couple of weeks: Out of sight and out of mind, our incredible underwater ecosystems around the world are often overlooked. These are places full of wonder and awe, full of life and hope, supporting all life on our planet and producing half the oxygen we breathe! And yet they are devastatingly threatened by human activity daily. We desperately need more people experiencing and appreciating our ocean, and standing up for its protection. Because with a dead ocean, it isn’t just the marine species that suffer. It’s us too.

If you’d like to help this World Ocean Day, please consider making a donation to Seaful, our charity helping connect more people to the ocean. People will protect what they love, but they can only love what they know, and we’re discovering just how big a price that disconnection from our seas is costing. Please also consider signing the Our Seas petition calling for protection of the seabed around the Scottish coast from destructive fishing practices.

SUP on Scotland coast
Stand-up paddleboarding with Cal Major and Klean
Fishing rings in Scotland
Oceans Day
Castle in Scotland
Pier off coast of Scotland
Circumnavigating Scotland coast on SUP
Conserving the Ocean


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