Replacement Parts

Maintenance Kits and Replacement Parts for Caps and Accessories

Need a fresh gasket or o-ring?  Dog eat your straw tip?  Drop a part down the drain?

We can help you reduce, reuse and repair!  In the spirit of our effort to reduce waste and keep our reusable products working for you as long as possible, we pulled together commonly needed maintenance kits and replacement parts, so you can access the solutions and keep your caps (and bottles) working!

If you have questions, please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to assist you. Also visit our Care and Use page for instructional videos on cleaning, replacing gaskets, and disassembly of caps.

Classic Cap Replacement Parts

Our Classic bottles and caps have internal threads and a more narrow mouth. These caps include the older Loop Cap, Loop Cap with Bale, Bamboo Cap, Sport Cap, Sippy Cap and Steel Loop Cap. SEE CLASSIC CAPSclassic caps

Classic Cap Style

Classic Parts

TKWide Cap Replacement Parts

Our TKWide bottles and caps have a wider mouth, with internal threads and a dot pattern inside. These caps include the TKWide Café Cap, TKWide Chug Cap, TKWide Twist CapTKWide Loop Cap, and TKWide Straw Cap. SEE TKWIDE CAPStkwide caps

TKWide Cap Style

TKWide Parts

Wide Cap Replacement Parts

Our Wide bottles and caps have external threads with a wider mouth. These caps include the Wide Loop Cap w/ Bale, and older style Wide Café Cap (discontinued), Wide Loop Cap (discontinued) and Wide Flip-D-Ring Cap (discontinued). SEE WIDE CAPSwide caps

Wide Caps

Wide Parts

Other Replacement Parts

We also offer additional replacement parts for our TKPro thermos cap and steel straw tips.

Other Parts