Kids Water Bottles

Kids Drink Bottles, Water Bottles and Sippy Cups

Our stainless steel Kid Kanteen water bottles, toddler water bottles, sippy cups and baby bottles are made with safe, BPA-free materials and designed specifically for kids. We have a reusable steel bottle for many ages, designed for easy transition as kids grow up. Our interchangeable classic caps fit all of our classic kids drink bottles, so it is easy to go from sippy to sport to loop cap. Kid Kanteen bottles are the best, most durable metal water bottles for your baby and toddler. Our wide mouth baby bottles can also be used as snack canisters with the use of any of our wide accessory caps. 

Insulated Kid Classic 12oz $26.95
Paper Dinos
Unicorn Leap
Sugarplum Fairy
Pool Party
Ballet Slipper
Lizard Tails
Brushed Stainless
Insulated TKWide 12oz $27.95
Melon Punch
Juicy Pear
Berry Bright
Deep Surf
Brushed Stainless