Klean Kanteen Recycling Program


As a certified B Corporation and Cimate Neutral company, Klean takes pride in our recycling programs and impact reduction efforts. We have worked with third-party certification partner Intertek to make our initiatives more clear on our products and packaging. By utilizing the Triman signage system and marks, we can bettercommunicate our recycling efforts to our global customers quickly and easily with a recognizable global icon. Read more about the Triman system below.


What is Triman?

  • The unified Triman signage is a visual signal that tells consumers that the product (and its packaging) are separately collected in order to be recycled.
  • The Triman markings alone do not specify how the product is collected (door-to-door pick-up, drop-off containers on public streets, at civic amenity sites, on distributors’ premises, etc.)
  • Manufacturers, importers, or own-brand distributors can, if they wish, specify how the product is collected displaying a message in addition to the Triman pictogram.

What does the Triman symbol mean?


The Triman signage system always includes three graphic elements that cannot be dissociated.


Triman System