Live Klean: Rolling Klean

This Live Klean tip is all about the spirt of Klean – putting something you have to good use, to multi-use even, and having fun along the way. Are you one of those folks, who halfway through baking a batch of Christmas cookies, realizes you don't actually have a rolling pin? We’ve been there. Oh, and in case you haven’t already found out, a wine bottle works just fine too!

If you're planning to bake cookies, roll out a homemade pie crust or even make your own pizza from scratch this holiday season, use your 27oz Classic bottle as a rolling pin! Just dust your Klean with a small amount of flour, and roll away. 

As always, we hope that this holiday season allows you time to focus on the good stuff, like eating homemade cookies by the fire with the ones you love most. And only buying what you truly need. From all of us at Klean: Happy Holidays!