14oz Coffee Mug - Sea Spray

14 oz Rise Mug

$ 32.95
16oz Insulated Tumbler - Stellar

16 oz Rise Tumbler

$ 29.95
26oz Insulated Tumbler - Autumn Glaze

26 oz Rise Tumbler

$ 37.95
12oz Camp Mug - Porcelain with Mountain Graphic

12 oz Camp Mug

From $ 27.95
Coffee and Tea Bottle and Mug Set
On Sale

Coffee and Tea Kit

$ 81.95 $ 100.80
8 oz Insulated Tumbler Cup - Black
On Sale

8 oz Insulated Tumbler - SALE

$ 13.95 $ 19.95
Insulated Tumbler with Straw Lid - Pink
On Sale

16 oz Insulated Tumbler with Straw Lid - SALE

$ 18.15 $ 27.95
16 oz Insulated Thermos - Green

16 oz TKPro Insulated Thermos

$ 39.95
25 oz Insulated Thermos - Brushed

25 oz TKPro Insulated Thermos

$ 44.95
32 oz Insulated Thermos - White

32 oz TKPro Insulated Thermos

$ 49.95
Klean Design Kit Set with Thermos and Water Bottle
On Sale

Klean Design Kit

$ 64.95 $ 79.90
Kit of Cups, Tumblers and Bottles - Black
On Sale

Shale Black Kit

$ 129.95 $ 160.75
Cafe Cap for TKWide Bottle

TKWide Café Cap

$ 12.95
Lid for Pints, Tumblers and Cups

Tumbler Lid

$ 7.95
Klean Kanteen Straw Cap
On Sale

TKWide Straw Cap

$ 4.95 $ 12.95
Set of Steel Tumblers of Cups

Tumbler Kit

$ 44.95 $ 55.85
10oz Lowball Tumbler - Tofu

10 oz Rise Lowball Tumbler

$ 24.95

Insulated Coffee Mugs, Tumblers and Cups

Klean's stainless steel coffee solutions are made of the highest quality, keeping coffee hot on all day adventures and those extra long work days. Our Insulated TKWide coffee mugs keep drinks hot up to 17 hours, and up to 58 hours cold for iced coffee or cold brew. Our innovative Insulated TKPro thermal Kanteen keeps coffee hot for up to 38 hours and iced for up to 100 hours, plus features a 360 degree pour-through cap and integrated steel cup. 8oz and 16oz Insulated Tumblers and thermal cups come with lids or straws for coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, smoothies and more.

Klean is Family and Employee-Owned

Our Mission in Action

As a family and employee-owned company, we don't have to answer to stakeholders. We're free to operate based on our values every single day. We've built our business by prioritizing the well being of people and the planet and by designing sustainable, high-performance products.

Whether you are savoring your hot coffee throughout the day or chilling out with an iced latte on the go, our Insulated coffee mugs and Tumblers are made for you. Each is designed to keep your beverage the perfect temperature. With a range of sizes, colors and lid options, you’ll be able to take your coffee exactly the way you like it.

Climate Neutral Certified
1% For The Planet Member
Certified B Corporation