A Day With Iapetus Wines

A Day With Iapetus Wine

Words: Klean Kanteen / Images: Little Schooner Studios

As a Northern California-based brand, the tradition of wine making is near and dear to our hearts. Our newly released 25oz Vac Classic Pour-Through bottle is designed to perfectly house a standard bottle of wine opening up a world of possibilities for where to drink your favorite vintages. In photographing this new collection we wanted to tap into that special blend of creativity and passion that winemakers are known for. And we wanted to get outside of our own backyard to do it. Where better to get a glimpse into a thriving wine culture than Vermont’s Champlain Valley region. Enter our friends Allie and Denis at Little Schooner Studios and the crew at Iapetus Wine. 
Based not far away in Rhode Island, photographers Allie and Denis made the trip out to Iapetus to spend the day with founder Ethan Joseph and his team of winegrowers, CJ Buzzy, Josh Stecker, and Tyler Mackelvey. The goal was get our new Vac Classic Pour-Through into its element and have some fun doing it. We think this image set points to success on both fronts!

"The life of our wine is inextricable from the place upon which our vines grow"

-Ethan Joseph

Iapetus creates some truly unique wines. We admire their ethos of producing their wines through a close relationship with the environment. Ethan talks about wine as a landscape saying, "The life of our wine is inextricable from the place upon which our vines grow. The rocks, the soil, everything that surrounds these plants, creates the qualities you experience in our wine.”
Intrigued? We sure were! If you are in the area be sure to stop by their tasting room or check them out @Iapetuswine. A bottle of Substrata poured from one of our new Vac Classics while watching the sun sink below the horizon sounds like a pretty good pairing to us!

A Twist On A Classic

With just a twist, quickly go from leakproof to pour-through.