Everyday Food Solutions: Family, Community and Sustainable Agriculture

Everyday Food Solutions: Family, Community & Sustainable Agriculture

Words & Images: Klean Kanteen / Film: Jonathan Hiller

Klean Food Solutions are inspired by stories of people who reimagine the role clean, healthy food plays in their lives. Farmer, Amanda Scott and her family run 63rd Street Farm in Boulder County, Colorado. With a focus on sustainability and education, they take pride in offering everyday food solutions for their community.

The weather was classic early-summer Colorado when we visited the farm to get an immersive look at the hard work and passion it takes to run a sustainable agriculture business. Bright blue skies with wisps of clouds hinting at afternoon storms over the Rockies set a peaceful tone for the day.

Filmmaker Jonathan Hiller joined us to document a day in the life of Amanda, her family and farm staff as they balance hard work, fun and the constant need to stay fueled by healthy food.

"We are proud to provide everyday food solutions for our community."
- Amanda Scott

We came away from our time at 63rd Street with a heightened sense of the circular nature of slow, sustainable food production. Amanda and her team rely on much of the food they produce to fuel them as they work to get the very same food out into their community. We are excited to see our new Food Solutions line play a small part in this cycle.

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