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Antwerp, Belgium
Nov. 2018 | Words and images by Klean

Savina Istas is the owner and brainchild behind Robuust, a zero waste store in Antwerp, Belgium. More than a store, it's truly a lifestyle and vehicle for change. She loves inviting customers into an experience that's really a new way for most, sharing what sustainability looks (and feels) like in everyday shopping choices. Designed to be zero waste, Robuust doesn’t sell anything with packaging or any single-use products. Customers buy or bring their own reusable containers to stock up at the shop.

Savina believes (and we agree) that anyone can make choices to help solve the world's waste problem. She has a background in developmental aid, a Masters degree in sustainability science, and a love of the simple things in life: yoga, travel, a good glass of wine, and products that are as functional as they are fashionable—with long-term benefits for people and the environment.

I think anyone can help solve this waste problem. If you avoid all those single-use plastics such as bags and disposable cups.

Savina Istas has created a shopping experience that inspires people, fosters strong community, and most importantly, inspires a new way of thinking—of healthier alternatives for people and the planet.

Klean is excited to share stories of inspiring local heroes from our global community who are reducing single-use waste and living Klean in a big way. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are. #BringYourOwn



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