Scotland: Ocean Nation

May 2021 | Words by Klean | Photos by Cal Major

Klean and @kleankanteenuk are proud to support @calmajor as she will be the first person to circumnavigate Scotland by stand-up paddleboard this summer. Follow along and watch this incredible journey unfold.

Cal Major is an intrepid world-record adventurer, veterinarian, and passionate ocean advocate who is bringing awareness to the importance of protecting ocean biodiversity as it relates to the climate crisis.

“Scotland: Ocean Nation” will celebrate incredible ocean ecosystems, explore human connection to the ocean, and investigate the importance of protecting ocean biodiversity as it relates to the climate crisis. The ocean, which covers 70% of the planet, is home to astonishing ecosystems, the health of which affects all humans, and plays a crucial role in the climate crises by acting as the world’s largest carbon sink.

Cal will circumnavigate Scotland's dramatic, rugged, and remote coastline by stand-up paddleboard, braving wind, weather and errant coastal tides. Visiting islands, she will explore the incredible underwater world by scuba and freediving, delving into the importance of these precious ecosystems. Cal will also engage with the communities and individuals around the coast, exploring how their connection drives them to protect these awe-inspiring places that are threatened by ecosystem destruction, climate change, and plastic pollution.

There has never been a more pressing time than now because 2021 is Scotland’s Year of Coast and Waters which encourages responsible engagement and participation in Scotland’s unrivalled natural ecosystems.” - Cal Major

Sunset Paddle
Cal Major
Paddling the coast of Scotland
Cal Major SUP in Scotland

Cal's Favorite


You may not be paddling around the coast this summer, but even when checking out your own backyard, favorite river or lake, or any local adventure, bring your own bottles and food storage containers to help protect the places you play.