Shooting the Chug

Santa Barbara, CA
April 2019 | Words and photos by Klean

Photoshoot day is always an exciting one for the creative team at Klean. It’s an excuse for us to get outside and share some fun experiences with like-minded folks. The goal is always the same: capture images that show how our products integrate into everyday life while keeping single use waste out of it. Shoot days are also the first time that a lot of us get to really play with new products and get familiar with all the details and features our product design team has brought to life.

This was exactly the case when samples of our new Chug Cap showed up. We knew we wanted to show this cap being used in its element: perched on our 32oz TKWide bottles in a rapid hydration scenario with potential for rough treatment. So we got to brainstorming: Rollerblade basketball, underwater aerobics, fire walking, bouldering? Bouldering. Definitely bouldering. With that decision made, our social media guru @faybrendan put out the digital feelers for some climbers who would be into spending the day with us to put the Chug cap through its paces.

Photographing the Klean TKWide Chug Cap
The new TKWide Chug Cap accessory

With the afternoon shadows starting to lengthen and memory cards filling up, we packed bottles, camera gear and crash pads, and headed down the hill towards Third Window Brewing Co. to test the thermal properties of our TKWide line on some cold craft beer (use Chug Cap for this activity at your own risk).

Fast forward a few weeks and we found ourselves rolling southward down the California Coast to me meet up with the trio of Steph Morris @stephmophoto, Ben Weaver @benweaverrockclimber and Lauren Osterstock @lalablahblah. We had agreed to meet them at the spectacular Lizard’s Mouth bouldering zone overlooking Santa Barbara and the Pacific.

We pulled into the trailhead parking lot to perfect California morning light and howling south winds. Perfect. The crew wasted no time getting on the rocks and putting the Chug Cap to use. The usefulness of the robust carry loop became immediately clear on the rocky approach as did the quick cover cap when the chalk started to fly. We tend to geek out on the details of our caps and this one was no exception. Water bottle caps are a lot like a good pair of socks. They are not necessarily the next piece of gear you lust over but when they are done right they make your day that much better without you even noticing they are there. Our day at Lizard’s Mouth ended up being a pretty great one, so all we can say is it must have been at least partially because of the Chug Cap!

Photographing the Klean TKWide Chug Cap
The finished photos of new TKWide Chug Cap accessory

Photoshoot days always spark some interesting conversations on the details of how people use our products within the context of their lives. Our biggest takeaway after spending our first day with the Chug Cap was versatility. The team here at Klean has a diverse set of interests ranging from ultra running to gardening to cheering on little soccer players. The cool thing about the Chug Cap is we see it as being ideal for all those activities and many in between. At the end of the day, it is just a well thought out tool designed to help people from all walks of life, with varying interests, stay hydrated without single-use plastic.

We are super excited to see how you integrate the Chug Cap into your life. Drop us a line and let us know how you are putting yours use. You never know, @kleankanteen may just slide into your DMs asking if you’d be game to show us around your favorite zone while we shoot some images to help spread the stoke on the re-usable revolution!



Easily transition from morning coffee to afternoon smoothies, water at the gym and everything in between. All of our interchangeable TKWide caps feature TK Closure™ internal thread design, with easy-carry swivel loops.