Climate Lock™ Vacuum Insulation

With Climate Lock, your Klean Kanteen brings a whole new level of fun and performance to life's adventures. Drinks stay cold up to 100 hours and hot for up to 30 hours*. It’s our commitment to having ice cream at a picnic or hot coffee after a full day out in the backcountry. Couple that with our Strong-as-Steel Guarantee™, and you have the solution to any hot or cold beverage needs.

*64oz Insulated Classic. Performance varies by size and cap.

Temperate Performance Key

Cold Drinks Stay Iced

Our insulated products come in all shapes and sizes — from our 8oz Tumbler to our 64oz Insulated Classic Kanteen — to help you keep a variety of drinks ice cold. Water, beer, cocktails, cold brew and other beverages will keep their temperature locked in for hours, even days.

"This bottle keeps drinks very cold for over a day. There are times the next day there is still ice in the bottle."

Cold Drinks for Hours
Keep Hot Locked In

Hot Beverages for Hours

We use double-wall vacuum insulation and innovative cap designs to achieve excellent thermal performance. Coffee, tea, chai, cocoa and other hot drinks truly stay hot. Our Insulated Kanteens are also leakproof so they keep drinks where you want them (completely contained) and just how you want them (hot for hours). 

"Have a 6 Klean Kanteens for my family. Love the insulated for my morning coffee. Stays hot for hours."

Vacuum Insulated Options

Insulated Comparison Chart

Rave Reviews

We’re honored that our top performing insulated bottles and other solutions have gotten such positive reviews over the years. Looking at the numbers, though, it’s easy to see why.

Insulated Classic 20ozCold as ice forever
As a busy nurse for a hospital, water is essential. I keep my Kanteen in the break room for 12 hrs and still had ice left at the end of my shift. We went to a water park and left them in the hot car for 8 hrs and still had ice too. Amazing!

Insulated Tumbler 16ozKeeps me cool
I cannot believe how long ice stays intact in the tumbler. I went grocery shopping, and it was 100F outside. When I came back to my car, my water still had ice! It was awesome!

Ice Cold Drinks in Tumbler
Insulated Growler

Insulated Growler 64ozAwesome Growler
This is exactly what we wanted! It kept our beer ice cold our entire 4 day camping trip!

Insulated Wide

Insulated Wide 16ozGreat, So Great
It’s the second one I bought. To replace a HydroFlask. Everything about it is better. Beverages stay hot for roughly 8 hours and by then it’s still warm. The lids do not leak and are easy to clean. Can not go wrong.

Shop Insulated

Our double-wall vacuum insulated bottles, insulated tumblers, insulated growlers and insulated food canisters are high-performance, simple, elegant solutions. Extremely easy to clean, replacing single-use water bottles, to-go mugs, and coffee cups.