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Bring Your Own: Let's Talk About It

Klean Kanteen created the #BringYourOwn project to inspire a new conversation around eliminating single use and waste in the environment. Typically, the dialogue goes something like this; “YOU need to change the way you live to make the world better. Here’s a...
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8 Reasons to Bring Your Own

If you've ever pondered the question -- "How much of an impact does my morning to-go cup of coffee really make?" -- you're not alone. It's a good inquiry, and we're happy that people are mindfully considering the impact of their actions. All of that said, we believe most...
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Brand-New Product, Shipping Now

Fall is here, and with it: a myriad of changing colors. Leaves are slowly shifting from bright greens to dusky oranges, and our bottles are making a marked transition as well, from vibrant hues with shine all around to matte-finished earth tones that practically beg for mitten-covered hands...
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Stories to Live, Breathe and Work By



"Throughout our years, building relationships has always been more important to us than creating a catchy sales pitch. Relationships are what hold us together, and they are the connection that allows us to thrive individually, and to learn from one another....
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The Creative Process

Jeff and Michelle, Co-Owners of Klean Kanteen

We’ve always been more comfortable sitting around a campfire than a boardroom table, more at home on the trail than the corporate treadmill.

Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer, Brother & Sister Co-Owners of Klean